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Cake and sweets

The secret to a perfectly styled sweet table


The secret to a beautiful sweet table? Make it look as delicious as it tastes. And no … putting the cake, sweets and cookies on the table doesn’t make it a sweet table. Follow these 5 steps and give your guests and Insta followers some serious eye candy!

1. Theme

Sweet tables are best served with a theme. If your customer has no theme in mind, start with the goal of the sweet table. A children’s birthday asks for cheerful colors and a baby shower leans more towards elegant colors such as pastel. In most cases, customers know what they want, but they lack the vision. They cannot imagine what it could look like. Take the location as inspiration or get inspired by things they like.

2. Color

The best way to make your sweet table stand out is with color. Make sure your color palette is as good as perfect. There are different shades of red, pink and for the naughty ones…even 50 shades of gray. If your customer asks for pink, know what color pink they actually mean. Then implement this in every cup cake, cake pop and every cookie. Keep in mind that the light from the location can affect the colors. Always view all colors in natural daylight. Lamps can give colors a warm glow, making everything look just a little darker.

3. Height

Speaking of vision, playing with height is the best thing to do for a sweet table. High and low stands immediately give your sweet table a luxurious effect. You don’t have to use traditional cake stands and plates at all. Go crazy with crates, candy jars, jewelry boxes, plant pots, mirrors and whatever you can think of to make your sweet table stand out.

4. Display

Now it’s time to think about the display, or: the look. How wide is the table? How big is the table in relation to the room? Do you have enough cake stands, plates and all kinds of other items? Do you use flowers, a backdrop or balloons? One of the easiest displays is to place the smaller sweets at the front on scales and the larger sweets at the back. The cake deserves the spotlight, so keep it central.

If you work with flowers, let a florist tell you what works best. Unless you have an eye for that, of course. But as I always say: let people do what they are good at. Especially if it saves you time.

5. Simplicity

An overly decorated sweet table quickly looks chaotic and also costs you a lot of extra work (unless you know what you’re doing of course). Think about what you really need to bring out the theme the best you can. Simplicity works wonders, or as you know: less is more.