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7 tips for your baby’s first birthday party


7 tips for your baby’s first birthday

1. Choose a time

For a first birthday, one-and-a-half to 2 hours is more than enough to celebrate. It may seem short, but babies can only hold their attention briefly. And all those new impressions take a lot of energy, so they tire quickly. Plan the party in the early afternoon (before their nap) or in the afternoon (after their nap) so that your baby can enjoy his or her first birthday party.

2. VIPs only

You know your baby best, so whether you invite many or few people depends on what your baby is used to (#partyforlife or #tantrum). If you’re planning to have the party at home, keep the guest list short. Your baby gets plenty of attention (mainly from you because you don’t have to run around) without being overwhelmed.

3. Ask someone to help you

Ask your BFF, husband or a family member to help you on your baby’s first birthday party. For example, by handing out the cake, drinks or preparing the snacks. This way your guests will be well taken care of and you will not miss a moment of your baby’s birthday. After all, they only turn one once!

4. First birthday balloons

Buy some nice foil balloons in the chosen theme and fill them with helium, or order them ready-made. The colors and fun prints are sure to put a smile on your baby’s face! In addition, foil balloons are safer for little ones than latex balloons (due to choking hazard).

5. Create a play area

Your baby’s girl and boy squad probably can’t walk yet. A baby-proof corner where all the babies can freely go about is the solution. Make sure you have enough toys for them to play with and put some chairs in a circle. This way the parents can chat and watch their baby at the same time.

6. Special snacks

Your baby’s first birthday party is not complete without snacks! Ask your guests in advance if their baby has a food allergy before purchasing anything. Keep it simple with sliced ​​fruits, cookies and crackers. Don’t forget to buy snacks for the parents 😉 For example, cup cakes, a tasty salad or smoothies.

7. Enjoy!

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Your baby is turning one year old and will be happy to enjoy it with you and their guests (for as far as your baby knows they’re here for them). Before you know it, you long for this moment (when your baby was not yet able to make demands). In ten years’ time they want ponies in the garden, a performance by their favorite artist and a VIP party like MTV’s Super Sweet Sixteen! So sit back,relax and enjoy your baby while you still can.