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What Is The Role of an Event Coordinator?


The role of an event coordinator plays a central role in every event. As an event coordinator you are working behind the scenes to ensure every event runs smoothly. From weddings to corporate events and social celebrations, event coordinators are the glue that holds everything together.

Skills of an Event Coordinator

You can be specialized in the planning, organization and execution of various types of events. However, for all of these events there are basic skills you need: communication, organization and budgeting. You need to oversee all aspects of an event and be able to communicate this to all partners involved. They are the ones bringing your vision to life. Chances are you work with different vendors every time. But in the end, all responsibility lies with the event coordinator.

Key Responsibilities

Strategic Planning

You need to set objectives, establish a budget and make a script until the day after the event.

Vendor Selection

You are responsible for contracting the right vendors, including caterers, decorators, photographers, and entertainers.

Logistics Management

Event coordinators create detailed schedules so that every vendor knows their aspect of the event. Also, from setup to teardown it should run smoothly and on time.

Budget Management

The least fun part: financial planning and tracking expenses. You often work with a budget and the last thin you want is spend more than expected.

Creative Direction

You need to be creative in terms of making the event visually appealing, but also in finding creative solutions.

Problem Solving

You need to foresee and solve potential issues without guests noticing. That’s why event coordinators are literally heroes!

Risk Management

You will thrive and survive with a backup plan in case of unexpected developments.

Gaining Experience

Gaining experience as an event coordinator is essential for building a successful career in event planning. One of the most effective ways to gain experience is through internships with event planning companies or event venues. Or just start by organizing events for friends and family, such as birthdays, weddings, or parties. Take pictures of your work and create a portfolio to attract more clients!