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How to get party planning experience


How to gain experience as a party planner

Do you want to get more party planning experience? Well, you know what they say: practice makes perfect. Check out these three ways to start.

Organize a styled shoot

A styled shoot is a way to show off your work without needing a booking first. You can organize a styled shoot with a group of creative suppliers. This is well known in the wedding industry. Each supplier provides their services free of charge in exchange for beautiful photos. Remember: your goal is to attract future clients, so invest in high-quality photos of your work.

Take a party planning course

The party industry is one of few sectors where you can be successful without training. But to get started professionally you need to know where to start. Our Academy is full of online courses, cheat sheets and more to learn as you go. And the best thing: it’s a one-time payment for a lifetime of knowledge to start and grow your party business.

Gain experience through family and friends

Before I started my own party business, I knocked on doors of family and friends. They eventually landed me two major celebrations and two weddings. And I bet that your family and friends want to help you grow, too. So use your network to gain professional experience.

Do an internship

Working directly with an experienced party planner is a good way to learn from the best. Make sure to choose someone who can teach you what you don’t know. It is best to at least know the basics of party planning before contacting professional planners. Even if you work for free as an intern, they still want to work with someone who can take on tasks.