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Organize a stress free Christmas + free Christmas planner


1 Choose a Christmas theme

Organize a stress free Christmas party at your home! If you’re a planner like me, you don’t want things to be left to chance. Step number one: pick a theme! The nice thing about themes is that just about everything is theme-worthy. We are familiar with the Ugly Sweater theme by now (still fun), but you can go in many more directions. For example, for a Christmas dinner you can go all out with a theme like Winter Wonderland with lots of silver and white. If you want something more playful, choose a Candyland theme. Super fun for a pajama party with your friends or for the kids.

2 Decorate in style

Sticking to a theme really makes decorating a lot easier. Whatever theme you choose, the most important thing is to be consistent with the colors. Choose a number of basic colors and carry it all the way: from your table linen, Christmas baubles and candles to matching cutlery.

3 Provide Christmas music

There is nothing more fun than completely immersing your guests in the Christmas spirit. Get your guests into the ‘Christmas spirit’ with wonderful Christmas music. No time to make a playlist? Download my personal Christmas playlist here and get in the spirit!

4 Make it personal

The holidays are all about being together, appreciating each other and showing how special your loved ones are to you. And personalizing your party is a great way to convey this feeling! Place cards or napkin rings with your guests’ names on them immediately add a personal touch. I had these super cute Christmas baubles made.

5 Don’t forget the kids

Are you looking for a fun way to keep the kids busy? Make a decoration table where they can make their own crafts for the tree. Again, as a planner you have to buy everything in time. All you need is paper, glitter (because what is Christmas without glitter), glue, beautiful ribbons, markers or paint. Not only does it make your Christmas tree a lot happier, it is also a beautiful memory for later.

6 Create a special cocktail

One way to make an impression during your Christmas dinner is to make a special drink for your guests. Naturally, you bring your guests’ favorite drinks, but a special cocktail makes it extra special! Create a simple cocktail bar where your guests can make their own (non) alcoholic cocktails. Place handy recipe cards so that it becomes even easier (and your guests don’t go home feeling nauseous).

7: Get enough food

It’s Christmas after all, so where would you be without all that delicious food? If you really want to coordinate everything, keep the theme of your dinner in mind and adjust the menu accordingly. It’s all in the downloadable Christmas planner. If each guest brings a dish, style the buffet table in the theme and make it easy for your guests (and yourself) to help themselves. This way you can enjoy yourself too! If you are the only cook in the kitchen, prepare as much as possible in advance and save yourself stress. And last but not least: dessert! You can’t go wrong with a dessert bar and a chocolate fountain!

8: Be a generous giver

A present for your guests is always a good idea! It’s about the gesture and that your guests know how much they appreciate you. Consider, for example, a decorated Christmas cookie from your local baker. I hope these tips help you have a fantastic Christmas with your loved ones. And oh yes: if you are invited to a Christmas dinner, be sure to bring something that will make the host or hostess happy!